Six Reasons I Am Not Concerned About the Growing Swarm of Bees Outside the Window

A man with three month's worth of bee-beard growth.

Whim contributor Russell Brandom confronts mortality, his fears, and the fact that nothing but a mere quarter inch of incredibly fragile glass separates him from a buzzing horde of honey-starved Apis mellifera.

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A Brief History of Daylight Savings Time and Other Time-Based Initiatives

Yet another hour of your life you'll never get back.

Courtesy of contributor Dan McCoy, Whim invites you to spend your extra hour of sunshine in front of a computer, learning about time-saving measures. Readers in Arizona, feel free to ignore this piece.

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Announcing the Arrival of Whim Quarterly Issue #4.5

After six months, countless late nights, and the senseless slaughter of thousands upon thousands of innocent trees, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl is pleased to announce that the Melancholic Issue of Whim Quarterly is now shipping.

The Melancholic Issue

Head over to the order page for exclusive photos of the biggest, best and most flammable issue of Whim to date. While you’re there, get yourself one, won’t you? You deserve it.

In the event you’d prefer to acquire a copy in person, please join us for the Issue #4.5 release party, Tuesday, March 22nd at Three of Cups Lounge (map).

The festivities start at 8 p.m. and will include readings, performances, and stand-up from Whim contributors, plus $4 drinks to help you stomach whatever’s happening on stage. Guaranteed fun for the whole family, assuming your family likes to drink. And laugh. And fight. Either way, FUN!

A Conversation Between Harry Truman and Doris Day – Two Characters from a Billy Joel Song I Actually Know Quite a Lot About

"We Didn't Start the Fire" b/w "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

Matt Passet, the only Whim contributor to love you just the way you are, attempts to identify the culprit in an age-old unsolved arson case by analyzing a conversation between two famous people from the late 1940s.

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Whim #4.5 Preview – The Worst Guitarists of All-Time

Awful guitarist Jimmy Hendricks gets in tune.

Issue #4.5 of Whim begins shipping later this week. In honor of its imminent arrival, please enjoy this exclusive sneak peek featuring the guitar stylings of some truly awful axe men.

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A Conversation Between a Coca-Cola Executive and a Pepsi-Cola Executive – Two Soft Drink Salesmen I Know Very Little About

Add rum to this beverage to make a rum & Coke.

Matt Passet, the only Whim contributor to do the Dew on a regular basis, reignites the Cola Wars with a verbal fusillade between representatives of America’s two largest soda manufacturers. A Faygo exec could not be found for comment.

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