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New Jewish Genetic Diseases

CAT scan of a Tay Sachs sufferer's brain. No joke.

There are many unusual genetic diseases that plague Jewish people, including Tay-Sachs Disease (rough), Bloom Syndrome (rougher), and Maple Syrup Urine Disease (roughest, yet most delicious). As a Passover mitzvah, Whim contributor Adam Baer presents a list of said diseases that specifically target Generation X. Herewith, a list of symptoms and risk factors to look for.

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Buy, Hold or Sell: The Bond Market Report

A stockbroker in action, seen here cornering the Brangelina market.

Whim co-founder and chief financial expert Paul L. Underwood analyzes the meet-markets to see which power couples are up and which are down.

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The 50 Least Successful Minor League Franchises

Snuffy "Iron Wang" Haines of the Allentown Jorts takes a turn at-bat.

In honor of Opening Day weekend, Whim salutes the teams toiling away in the lower levels of baseball’s farm systems. Be sure to check them out when they come to your state’s fifth-largest city.

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Ten Misconceptions About Billings, Montana Cleared Up by the Town of Billings, Montana

Official Seal of Billings, Montana

The United States currently ranks 96th of out something like a million countries in geographical literacy. To better educate our readers and the nation at large, Whim presents this piece written by the largest city in the state of Montana.

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A Round of Shots: Your Guide to the New Reality of Guns in Bars

"I'll be taking that Tom Collins on the rocks."

Four states recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. This is going to considerably affect bar culture. Courtesy of contributor Gregory Beyer, here are five sample scenarios to help you adjust to the inevitably violent new landscape and make it work for you.

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Six Reasons I Am Not Concerned About the Growing Swarm of Bees Outside the Window

A man with three month's worth of bee-beard growth.

Whim contributor Russell Brandom confronts mortality, his fears, and the fact that nothing but a mere quarter inch of incredibly fragile glass separates him from a buzzing horde of honey-starved Apis mellifera.

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