A Conversation Between Miles Davis and Beethoven – Two Artists Whose Music I’ve Been Told I Should Add to My iPod

Miles Davis

Davis: What’s up, hepcat? I’m a jazz man. How’s the classical scene, cat?

Beethoven: What?

Davis: I said, “what’s up, hepcat!”

Beethoven: Sorry, I am deaf…I think. I’m pretty sure that’s me.

Davis: I like your Fifth Symphony. It is the one everybody knows. Duh duh duh duh…right? You probably wrote four symphonies before that, but your fifth one is when you got really good.

Beethoven: Thank you. I know that you have an album called Miles Smiles. You are a good trumpet player, even though most people can’t tell the difference between your music and just some kid in a high school marching band, because sometimes jazz doesn’t have that much of a beat, and a lot of people just pretend to like it because it seems cool.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Davis: I’m not sure what a composer does, but you are maybe the best one. Did you know Mozart?

Beethoven: I think maybe he was alive when I was. Or maybe hundreds of years before or after me.

Davis: I definitely knew John Coltrane. He plays saxophone. We played together sometimes. Duke Ellington is someone famous in jazz, too.

Beethoven: My full name is Ludwig van Beethoven.

Davis: That is something people know about you.