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A Conversation Between Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton – Two Men Whose Faces Appear on My Money

Author, printer, satirist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, diplomat, whore enthusiast.

Matt Passet, the only Whim contributor to ever hold a one hundred-dollar bill, imagines a conversation between two Founding Fathers: one beloved by rappers, the other the first American to get rich or die tryin’.

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Blowguns Are Decent Weapons for Killing

Pictured: A sergeant. Sarge's exact whereabouts remain unknown as of publication.

Whim’s resident military expert reports on one of few weapons where stopping power is directly related to the user’s lung capacity.

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13 Things Captain Picard Does While High

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, as seen in the episode "Keeping Up with the Cardassians"

Whim’s Asterios Kokkinos contributed this piece after an incredibly close viewing of the film Star Trek: First Contact High.

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A Rental Letter Discovered in My Great-Grandfather’s Files

Once a year, these boxes contain a two-dollar birthday check from your grandmother.

Whim contributor Greg Volk digs through the archives of his great-grandfather and discovers his ancestor is an outspoken activist for tenants’ rights. Read, if you will, a letter penned by the Jimmy McMillan of the Jazz Age.

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Mr. Smits Goes to Washington

The Supreme Court of the United States

In honor of Election Day and the nascent NBA season, Whim contributor Dan Schecter presents the ballers most likely to take their talents from the hardwood to the halls of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

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Receipts from Nightmares

Hieronymus Squash

It’s Halloween week at Whim. Steel yourselves, foolish mortals, for a five-day celebration of the darkest art of all: spooky humor writing. Today, an excerpt from issue #3’s most chilling piece. Guaranteed to leave you (and your accountant) cowering in fear.

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