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Best of Whim 2010 – America’s 50 Least Desirable Suburbs

Best of Whim week continues with a salute to the worst neighborhoods this country has to offer. Look for several of these municipalities to be the subjects of songs on the next acoustic Bruce Springsteen album.

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Best of Whim 2010 – Excerpts from the New Astronaut’s Cookbook

"These recipes are out of this world."

Stuffed full of holiday cheer and food? Courtesy of contributor Dan McCoy, please enjoy these dishes designed to leave you feeling weightless.

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Best of Whim 2010 – Re-Imaginings of Classic Novels Inspired by Typos

"This novel is so good it's [sic]."

Whim’s year-end countdown of our favorite pieces from 2010 continues with several short synopses of classic works of literature so good they’re [sic].

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Best of Whim 2010 – Street Names For Drugs Your Kids Are Taking

Shawn (Known in some regions as Mr. Hunter)

All this week, Whim gets ready for the new year by counting down ten of our favorite published pieces from 2010. First up, a comprehensive list of controlled substances your children are undoubtedly ingesting. Parents, please take this opportunity to get hip to your kids’ druggie slang.

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Fothergill’s Miscellany – Twelve Days of Christmas Edition

A partridge, seen here about to defecate on a pear.

With just twelve days until Christmas, the statistical experts behind Fothergill’s Miscellany calculate the exact amount you’ll need to spend on your true love this holiday season.

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Novelty Gifts from Whimpleton K. Junglefowl Industries

See through walls, clothing, even human skin!

In honor of Cyber Monday, Whim is proud to present these great deals on gifts and gadgets from our parent company, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl Industries. Buy one for each of the 26 shopping days between now and Christmas!

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