A Conversation Between Bob Marley and Bob Dylan – Two Bobs Answer the Question, “Is It Rolling?”

Bob "Tokerman" Dylan (L), Bob "Redemption Bong" Marley (R)

Marley: Want a hit?

[Marley extends a large marijuana joint to Dylan.]

Dylan: Yeah, I think I probably smoke marijuana. I was big in the ’60s and everything. And I played with the Dead sometimes.

Marley: That’s the Grateful Dead.

Dylan: Exactly.

Marley: I probably never played with the Grateful Dead, but we both appeal to stoned college students, who listen to us a lot in college and hang posters of us, and then never really listen to us again.

Dylan: Sorry to hear that. After stoned kids listen to me in college, they continue to listen to me for the rest of their lives.

Marley: They wear Birkenstocks while listening to me.

Dylan: That’s too bad.

Marley: Both of our sons are also musicians, but they don’t even have a glimmer of the talent and following we had.

Dylan: It seems like you have 25 kids who all play music?

Marley: Yeah, that sounds about right. The only one people know is Ziggy.

Dylan: I am Jewish.

Marley: I am a Rastafarian.

Dylan: I heard one of your songs the other day on TV. It was in a tourism commercial for Jamaica.

Marley: Yes, this is the only place people can hear my music now.

Dylan: Well it’s your own fault for writing the line, “Come to Jamaica and feel alright.”

Marley: Fuck you.