A Conversation Between Two Figures from the Bible – A Book I Have Only Skimmed

Moses in corporeal form.

The Middle East, a Mountain, 20 A.D.

[Moses and Jesus happen to walk past one another while out on a stroll]

Jesus: Oh hi, you’re a friend of my father’s right?

Moses: We worked together, sort of. He gave me two big rocks with some rules on them.

Jesus: Oh right, yeah, I gave those to you.

Moses: You did?

Jesus: And also my father did. We both did. I’m… him?

Moses: Not sure.

Jesus: I think I am. And also a ghost?

Moses: …Spooky.

Jesus: My dad chose your people.

Moses: Yes, we were chosen for the thing. But that was hundreds of years ago. Even thousands maybe. People live to be very old nowadays. But not you, you will only live to be 33.

Jesus: And then forever.

Moses: Abraham is a different person than me, even though people sort of think of us as being the same person.

Jesus: The year is how old I am.

Moses: That’s easy to remember.