A Conversation Between Lisa Leslie and George Foreman – Two Athletes I Know Very Little About

Board Crasher (L), Grill Master (R)
Leslie: Oh good, a fellow athlete.

Foreman: Uh, yeah…sure.

Leslie: Some people don’t know you’re an athlete, but you were a boxer before you were known for a grill that is supposed to make food healthier, but probably doesn’t really.

Foreman: Yes, I was a great fighter. I fought Muhammed Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle.

Leslie: The Rumble in the Jungle was a very famous boxing match that took place in Africa. But people my age don’t know about that. They just know you as the fat bald guy with the grill, and maybe some remember when you beat Evander Holyfield once in a big fight.

Foreman: I used to be muscular and athletic before I was fat and immobile.

Leslie: If you say so.

Foreman: So you said you were an athlete?

Leslie: Yes, I am probably the most famous female basketball player. But it’s not surprising that you don’t know me, because nobody cares about women’s basketball. I played in something called the WNBA, which maybe still exists.

Foreman: Do you still play?

Leslie: I probably don’t play anymore, because I played in the ’90s and that was longer ago than it seems.

Foreman: Here are the things people know about women’s basketball. Rebecca Lobo, Sheryl Swoops, Reggie Miller’s sister, UCONN basketball, and Tennessee Basketball. That is everything people know.

Leslie: And lesbians.

Foreman: Oh, yes, right, how could I have forgotten? You are also all lesbians.

Leslie: All of your kids are named George. That seems a bit egotistical.

Foreman: Howard Cosell was a famous person that had something to do with me.