A Conversation Between Dakota Fanning and the Little Girl from Mrs. Doubtfire Who Also Played Matilda – Two Titans of Youth Lit Adaptations

Dakota Fanning (L), Maura Wilmot (?) (R)

Fanning: You were in Charlotte’s Web, right?

“Matilda”: I think that may have been you. I honestly don’t know.

Fanning: Mrs. Doubtfire was definitely you, though.

“Matilda”: Yeah, that was me. I spoke really softly for some reason so you could barely hear my lines.

Fanning: I remember thinking you might be retarded.

“Matilda”: A lot of people think that about me.

[Dakota looks down to her Blackberry – there’s an email from her agent about starring in a bad movie; she’s probably going to take the part.]

“Matilda”: Why are you a serious and respected actress and I’m nobody?

Fanning: The retarded Sean Penn movie gave me lines that someone my age wouldn’t normally say, so people thought I was like some sort of genius.

“Matilda”: Oh, like the little black kid from Role Models.

Fanning: Exactly. I fucked him, by the way.

“Matilda”: The kid from Role Models?

Fanning: Yeah, most of that cast. Rudd, Sean William Scott, Jane Lynch… Anyway, I really have to get going.

[“Matilda” whispers something incoherent and kind of adorable in a retarded sort of way.]

Fanning: What? There’s literally no sound coming out of your mouth when you speak.

“Matilda”: I said, If you ever come across a role you think might be good for me, please let me know.

Fanning: Yeah, I won’t do that.

[“Matilda” says something that sounds like, “Devito Williams Miracle on 34th Street.”]

Fanning: Definitely. Absolutely. Great seeing you.

[Fanning pretends to take a phone call and walks off.]