A Conversation Between Clark Kent and Superman as Imagined by Lois Lane

The übermensch in action.
Clark Kent: Oh hey, Supe, I was just talking to Lois about you.

Superman: And I was talking to her about you. Funny how that always happens.

CK: Saw what you did over there with that crane the other day. I thought that thing was going to come crashing down on that lady and her baby. You got there just in the nick of time.

Superman: Yeah, that was a close one. Loved your article about it. Very detailed…you know…despite your not being there when it happened and all.

CK: I had to duck out right beforehand.

Superman: Must have just missed you.

CK: Isn’t that always the way it is?

Superman: You know, I wonder what Lois is up to right now? We should invite her over.

CK: Nah, I say we just keep it the two of us. In fact, let’s never see one another when Lois is around.

Superman: One day she’s bound to see us together. I mean you work with her, I’m always putting her life in jeopardy. It almost doesn’t make sense that she never sees the two of us at the same time.

CK: It’s true. You’re always stopping by the place where Lois and I work, and Lois and I literally go places together in order to seek you out. And yet, it just never works out.

Superman: Never works out…