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Whimmers and Losers: Halloween Edition

Hotness or monstrous? Whim decides.







50 Least Infectious Diseases

Pictured: mycoplasma extremicum, a.k.a. the Mountain Dew-monia virus

Just in time for fall cold season, Whim presents a list of diseases classified by the NIH as being “hopelessly incurable.” Read only under the supervision of a physician or from the safety of quarantine.

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Must See TV Monday

"I want to kiss you right now, Oprah."

Today, Oprah Winfrey kicks off the 25th and final season of her talk show. Tonight, the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens face off in the first Monday Night Football of 2010. In honor of the biggest television debuts of the fall season, Whim Oprah-fied the greatest quarterbacks in Jets history.

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Announcing the Arrival of Whim Quarterly Issue #3

After many hours of grueling labor, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl is pleased to officially welcome the Choleric Issue of Whim Quarterly into the family.

Whim #3

Unfortunately, Whim HQ only has enough space to keep a handful of these. Won’t you do your part to help the rest find a good home?

Order Whim #3 between now and September 7th and, in addition to getting a free subscription to our newest sister publication, we’ll throw in a copy of issue #1 to make sure your new magazine doesn’t get lonely.

Best of all, if you’re one of the first 50 people to place an order, you’ll get an exclusive 4-song EP by Chemical Crab, the most recent artist signed to Whim parent company WKJ Records & Tapes. Have a listen below.

Chemical Crab – Lookin’ For Bugs

What are you waiting for? Order your copy today. Setting up vigil at your mailbox immediately afterward is optional.

REMINDER: Whim Quarterly Issue #3 Ships Tomorrow

To celebrate the official release of Whim #3 tomorrow, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl Industries is proud to announce this limited time offer.

Order your copy of America’s favorite flammable magazine between now and Friday and you’ll receive a FREE subscription to Whim’s newest sister publication:

Wham Quarterly: The Last Christmas Issue

Don’t miss out on your chance to get the finest in both humor and music writing delivered directly to your door for one great low price. Order today!

Top 50 Wham! Songs of All Time

1. Careless Whisper 2. Last Christmas 3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 4. Everything She Wants 5. Young Guns (Go for It) 6. Freedom 7. Credit Card Baby 8. A Different Corner (Remix) 9. Bad Boys 10. Come On 11. Do It Right 12. I’m Your Man 13. Bad Boys (12” Mix) 14. Battlestations […]