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Best of Whim 2010 – Other Publications from Whimpleton K. Junglefowl Industries

Sadly, the current issue of Eel Fancy is sold out.

Whim’s Best of 2010 countdown takes a commercial turn, as we dutifully promote the best of the other magazines our parent company, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl Industries, has to offer.

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Best of Whim 2010 – America’s 50 Least Desirable Suburbs

Best of Whim week continues with a salute to the worst neighborhoods this country has to offer. Look for several of these municipalities to be the subjects of songs on the next acoustic Bruce Springsteen album.

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Happy Holidays from Whim Quarterly

Whimmers and Losers: Christmas Edition

Naughty or nice? Whim decides.



Works for the goose…



…not so much for the gander.

Whim’s Last-Minute, Highly-Specific 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Do not open until Xmas.

Still looking for the perfect gifts for those last few names on your list? Best of luck with that. Looking for something/anything to stick under the tree on Christmas morning? Whim can help.

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Fothergill’s Miscellany – Twelve Days of Christmas Edition

A partridge, seen here about to defecate on a pear.

With just twelve days until Christmas, the statistical experts behind Fothergill’s Miscellany calculate the exact amount you’ll need to spend on your true love this holiday season.

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