A Conversation from the First Christmas – A Holiday I Know Very Little About

Attendees at the first Christmas, seen here picking names for Secret Santa.
Three men, intelligent (wearing turbans?), ride camels through the desert (towards a star?).

Man 1: Where are we going to stay?

Man 2: I think there’s an inn.

Man 1: You think. Did you make a reservation? What if there’s no room?

Man 2: Yeah, I had time to buy frankincense and make a reservation. What am I a magician?

Man 3: No, we are not magicians.

Man 1: What’s frankincense?

Man 2: It’s not a monster, if that’s that you’re thinking. Even though you picture one when I say it, it has nothing to do with a monster.

Man 3: What’s the kid’s name again?

Man 1: Jesus.

Man 3: Jesus what?

Man 1: I don’t know. They just call him Jesus. This is not a common name, so everybody knows which Jesus we’re talking about.

Man 2: His last name is definitely not Christ. That is not a last name.

Man 1: Yes. It is not Mary and Joseph Christ. That is just something people think.

They arrive at a stable and see baby Jesus in a basket, surrounded by sheep and his mother and other animals and maybe garden gnomes.

Man 1: (to Joseph) He has…uh…your eyes, no?

Joseph: No!