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Must See TV Monday

"I want to kiss you right now, Oprah."

Today, Oprah Winfrey kicks off the 25th and final season of her talk show. Tonight, the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens face off in the first Monday Night Football of 2010. In honor of the biggest television debuts of the fall season, Whim Oprah-fied the greatest quarterbacks in Jets history.

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From the Diary of Representative Joe Barton (R – TX)

After Texas representative Joe Barton’s curious apology to the head of BP, Whim contributor Gregory Beyer called in a few favors and ultimately got his hands on Barton’s diary. As it turns out, this was not the first time in his life such an apology was delivered.

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Earl and Whimpleton

A Rare Endorsement

Our founder, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl, stars in a rare endorsement.

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Lost Dance Crazes of the 1920s

Lost Dance Crazy of the 1920s

Enjoy this photo gallery and video detailing some of the lesser-known dance crazes of yesteryear. This piece appears in Whim Quarterly Issue #2.

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Riding the Tiger: An Editorial Note from Whimpleton

Our founder, Whimpleton K. Junglefowl, admits he, too, carried on a torrid affair with Tiger Woods. Proof of their encounters is available by clicking below.

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WHIM EXCLUSIVE: J.D. Salinger, the Final Interview

J.D. Salinger's Final Interview

Three years ago, reclusive author J.D. Salinger approached us to offer his first interview since 1980. The interview was contingent upon two things: 1. We start a humor magazine in the winter of ’09. 2. We wait to release the interview until after he dies. Salinger died yesterday at age 91. He met us in 2006 at a coffee shop in Cornish, New Hampshire. The following is that transcription.

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