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20 Newly Discovered Vacation Destinations, Part II

Islands in the Stream Islands, UAE Floating off the coast of Dubai in between the Palm and the World Islands, the Islands in the Stream Islands is a man-made archipelago in the shape of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, duet partners on the 1983 hit song of the same name. Sadly, much like other large […]

Conversations from the First Hanukkah – A Holiday I Know Slightly More About

Day 1: A middle-aged Jewish couple sit (in a cave?). In the background, the sound of spinning dreidels can be heard. The man, David, is hunched over an oil lamp. His wife, Muriel, walks over. David: Would you kids please cut it out with those damn dreidels already? With the spinning and the gimel and […]

Point/Counterpoint: What Is the Capital of Slovakia?

Elliott’s Opening Statement: Americans get a bad rap from foreigners just because we don’t know every little detail about their boring, insignificant little countries. But we can’t get defensive about it. The fact is, as citizens of the world (as well as the only country with the cojoñes to blow the rest of the planet […]

From the Whim Archives: 1937

First published in the “Those Daffy Dames” issue of Whim, Fall 1937.

Top 50 Wham! Songs of All Time

1. Careless Whisper 2. Last Christmas 3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 4. Everything She Wants 5. Young Guns (Go for It) 6. Freedom 7. Credit Card Baby 8. A Different Corner (Remix) 9. Bad Boys 10. Come On 11. Do It Right 12. I’m Your Man 13. Bad Boys (12” Mix) 14. Battlestations […]

Re-Imaginings of Classic Pizzas Inspired by Novels

Re-Imaginings of Classic Pizzas Inspired by Novels

The Grape Tomatoes of Wrath* Marinara, dried basil, sparsely topped with bitter, unripe grape tomatoes. Fahrenwhite 451 Smoked mozzarella di Bufala, heavy cream, pesto cooked to perfection in a book-burning oven. The Count of Monte Crusto Pâté de foie gras, duck jus, deep-dish style crust stuffed with brie and extraneous characters. The Artichoke Heart Is […]