A Conversation Between Jimmy Carter and Gallagher – Two Men Whose Time in the National Spotlight Was Short but Brilliant

Jimmy Carter (L), a clean-shaven Gallagher (R)
Carter: I caught your show last. Quite funny stuff, young man.

Gallagher: Thank you. I did mostly old material.

Carter: I don’t see much of this cutting edge stuff, my being just a sweet-natured peanut farmer and all.

Gallagher: A peanut farmer from Georgia. This is one of the few things people know about you.

Carter: And the thing I did with Egypt and I think Israel.

Gallagher: Yes, some people know about that too. Where you all went to Camp David, which is not a summer camp with a lake and bunks even though that’s what people picture when you say that.

Carter: You know, I saw another one of your shows a few years back, but you looked different.

Gallagher: That wasn’t me. It was my brother. He pretended to be me to make money.

Carter: I thought he did a pretty darn good job. Just as good as you.

Gallagher: No, he’s not. He can’t even smash an orange. Can barely crush a grape.

Carter: Speaking of that, I couldn’t help but notice that the Sledge-O-Matic is just a sledgehammer. There’s nothing automatic about it.

Gallagher: Sort of how a second term isn’t an automatic thing either.


Carter: Anyway, I should get back to building this house for you and your family.

[Carter and some volunteers from Habitat for Humanity continue their work on Gallagher’s house.]

Gallagher: [Looking at the progress] Wow, a real house. I’d like to see my brother live in that!