A Conversation Between Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard – Two Nouvelle Vague Directors I Know Very Little About

At left: Jules, right: Jim
[Both speak in stereotypical French accents so thick that if one were to close their eyes, they would assume they are listening to Pepe Le Pew speaking to Inspector Clouseau – WARNING: DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES]

Truff: Why do we not just start with the basics, yes?

God: We are French filmmakers, no?

Truff: Precisely. Eh…le New Wave?

God: The French New Wave, yes? This is a kind of filmmaking we did, no?

Truff: Breathless?

God: This is a film you made, yes?

Truff: No, this is how do you say one that you made?

God: With Richard Gere, no?

Truff: This one you are referring to is a how do you say remake?

God: You see Richard Gere’s pepe in this film, no?

Truff: He did how do you say things with a gerbil?

God: You do not say.


God: Shoot the Piano Player is a French film, yes?

Truff: This is how do I say a movie I made?

God: ‘We.’

Truff: 400 Blows and Jules et Jim?

God: These are how do you say pornographic films?



Truff: People in berets, smoking cigarettes, shot in black and white, no?

God: These are what are films are like, yes? No?

Truff: How do you say ‘we’?

God: ‘We.’

Truff: ‘We.’