A Conversation Between Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart – Two Pilots I Know Very Little About

Charles Lindbergh (L), artist's rendering of what Lindbergh's baby would look like as a grown man (R)

Earhart: I was sorry to hear about your son.

Lindbergh: Yes, he was kidnapped and then I think found dead.

Earhart: Yes, I believe that’s how that story ended.

Lindbergh: I flew across the Atlantic, you know?

Earhart: I do know this. I think I was alive when it happened. I was maybe involved, actually. I flew across the Atlantic also?

Lindbergh: I don’t know, I think everyone did back then. It was all the rage, like the Lindy Hop.

Earhart: Named after you?



Lindbergh: The place I took off from is now a mall on Long Island.

Earhart: They got a Sbarro there?

Lindbergh: Yeah, they got a Sbarro.


Lindbergh: Back when we flew planes, it was really something special to fly a plane. Like a skill.

Earhart: And I did it while being a woman.

Lindbergh: Which makes it harder.

Earhart: Yes.

Lindbergh: We may have worn scarves when we flew across the Atlantic.

Earhart: Because we were outside and it was cold?

Lindbergh: Yes, because we were outside and it was cold.