A Conversation Between an American Soccer Player and a Player from Slovenia During a Break in Action at a World Cup Match – A Tournament I Assume Is Still Going On


Slovenian: Your President Obama certainly has his hands full with this oil spill crisis, yes?

American: Sure…I…uh…hope the spill doesn’t reach you guys.

Slovenian: Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad.

[Slovenian laughs, assuming they are joking about how bad the oil spill would have to be to reach Slovenia all the way on the other side of the world. The American laughs because the Slovenian is laughing.]

Slovenian: They say now that the relief wells will likely be able to quell the spill by early September.

American: Yeah, it’s a whole bunch of oil.


American: Do they have oil in Slovenia?

Slovenian: Yes…

American: Cars and everything?


American: Is it nice there?

Slovenian: It’s beautiful, right by the Alps, of course, and the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. We even border Italy.

American: Pizza, right?

Slovenian: Yes, pizza.

[Slovenian pretends he hears a teammate calling him.]

Slovenian: [Calling off into the distance] Oh yeah…I’ll be right over. [To American] I should be going.

American: [Speaking VERY slowly] It. Was. Nice. To. Meet. You. Please. Let. Your. Tee-Mates. Know. That. We. Are. Enjoy-ing. Play-ing. With. You. All. We. Are. Friends.


[Slovenian jogs off. American feels more cultured than before.]