A Conversation Between Sidney Poitier and Sir Laurence Olivier – Two Actors With Rhyming Surnames

Black people be acting all like this (L), while white people be acting all like this (R).
SP: I am a black actor. Definitely not the first, but probably the most famous.

SLO: Are you sure you’re not the first?

SP: I’m actually not positive, but that would be very weird if I were the first.

SLO: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

SP: Who?

SLO: No, that’s the movie you were… Oh, I get it. Very funny, Mr. Poitier, very funny.

SP: They call me Mr. Tibbs.

SLO: That was something you said in a movie?

SP: I believe so.

SLO: I am probably the most famous actor ever, right?

SP: Right.

SLO: But here’s something interesting, try to name a movie I’ve been in.

SP: Lawrence of Arabia?

SLO: That’s a good guess. I may have been in that, but you might just be saying that because of the whole Laurence/Lawrence thing.

SP: True.

SLO: Mostly, I did a lot of Shakespeare stuff, both on film and on stage.

SP: Ever play Othello?

SLO: Yes.

SP: Did you play him in blackface?

SLO: I, uh…excuse me, I think I’m getting a phone call.

[Sir Laurence removes a container of mints from his pocket and pretends it’s a cell phone. He looks at it and puts it back in his pocket.]

SLO: So… Did you see that Ashton Kutcher movie Guess Who, the remake of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

SP: Yes, I thought it was better than the original.

SLO: As did I.

SP: Did you see Ashton in The Butterfly Effect?

SLO: Phenomenal work.

SP: Astounding.

SLO: And now this new movie with him and Portman is coming out.

SP: Yeah, that looks good.

SLO: It’s gonna be funny it looks like.