A Conversation Between President John Tyler and President James Polk – Two Commanders-in-Chief I Know Very Little About

Republican (?) President John Tyler (L), Whig (?) President James Polk (R)
Tyler: So…

Polk: So.

Tyler: Couple of presidents.

Polk: A president and a president.

Tyler: I was probably President of the United States in the 1800s at some point. Possibly the early 1900s, but definitely not after Wilson, because people know all of the presidents since then.

Polk: I was likely president during the same period you’re describing.

Tyler: Pretty impressive, though, right? President of the United States.

Polk: We were definitely a big deal at the time.


Polk: Tippecanoe and Tyler too?

Tyler: That was me. I was definitely the Tyler in that.

Polk: Look at us, President Polk and President Taylor.

Tyler: Tyler.

Polk: Sorry?

Tyler: I’m President Tyler.

Polk: President Taylor was someone different?

Tyler: Yes, I’m fairly certain there was also a President Taylor, but I’m a different person than him.

Polk: We were Presidents of the United States.

Tyler: Yes we were.