Pretentious Poetry With Emoticons

Pretentious Poetry With Emoticons
Fire! :O

In my soul the fire grows >:)

The deafening light of Aphrodite
swallows my blood essence

In between translucent raindrops I dodge and swerve,
battling the demons that ravage my blood essence

Drip. Drip. Splash. Sploosh. The knight of
Eight castles brings me good cheer

Ten thousand wishes fall out of my heart <:[ As a summer sun sings it’s winter song o_O

Parenthesis lunge at my face, they suck like a leech
On cheekbones of grace

The end? Or not the end? :/
Is the end an end? Is a the a the? :\

Can ravaging lions mate, springing me forth from
Their lion vaginas?