Point/Counterpoint: Elliott’s Rebuttal to Brock’s Nonsense

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Elliott: Wait… what? You think the capital of Slovakia is a series of tiny metal figurines (smallmetalmanstatueskas) of famous Slovaks? I can understand a desire to celebrate great men like composer Eugene Sucho, Robin Hood-like outlaw Juraj Jánosík, and Academy Award-winning director Ján Kadár, but there’s no way a major metropolis could be made up of tiny figurines. Where would people live? Inside the statues? How could anyone fit in there?

Also, think of the trouble their post office would have if, say, I wanted to mail some jaternice to my cousin Mikulás, a politician representing Slavs Vegas in the Slovakialegislatureplace? How would I address it?

Mikulás Kalan
Stan Mikita Slovakian

None of this makes sense. Is it possible you mistranslated “capital” meaning the official seat of government as “capital” meaning wealth or currency?

Either way, the area still needs its own name. I say it’s Slovakiacity.

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